Job creation

Underemployment and the lack of employment opportunities for young people is considered as one of the most significant socio-economic and security challenges we face. The consequences for young people to build a prosperous future are far-reaching, but wider communities can also suffer from the possible effects of high levels of youth unemployment; namely poverty, violent extremism, political instability, drugs and crime. At YEEF, we also promote a savings and investment culture among African youths by;

  • Partnering with financial institutions such as Banks and Telecommunication companies to create a savings platform for youths
  • Creating a mutual online platform with the intent to empower young leaders to create sustainable job opportunities in selected regions.
  • Leveraging the potential of young people as widely as possible for job creation and highlight their potential as a solution to fostering prosperous and peaceful societies.
  • Raising awareness of youth unemployment opportunities and sharing best practice.