Who Are We

Strengthening financial literacy and investment education

Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Foundation (YEEF) is a non-profit youths focused foundation that was established to create an enabling environment where youths, social entrepreneurs, and students are nurtured, mentored, and empowered to unlock their financial, business investment and sustainability potential.

YEEF believes in positive youth development and their ability to create community impact through promotion of active youth engagement and participation of evidence-based social, economic and financial empowerment programs that are aimed at helping them make informed business decisions through in-depth market research, professional business planning and creation of bankable financial models that can enable them to minimize market risk.

Our Mission: To promote a savings and investment culture among African youths through Financial literacy education

Our Vision : To achieve sustainable growth and development through financial literacy education.

Community Impacts

We believe in positive youth development and their abilities

What We Do

YEEF is involved in several community-based activities with the aim of educating youths and young farmers about financial literacy and encouraging a healthier, more sustainable business investment life. Our two-pronged approach includes the provision of literacy training and economic empowerment, through a variety of programs

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Join us in promoting a savings and investment culture among African youths through financial literacy education